Since 1967, P&K Thornton have a proven track record in building classic Jaguar / Daimler engines from usual fast road use to race winning performance.

We are also skilled and experienced with repairing and developing other classic British sports cars engines, in no particular order from Bentley, Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Cosworth, Triumph, TVR or Lotus.

Steven Curl (Engineering Manager), has over 20 years of experience alone in restoring, developing and enhancing classic and vintage competition engines.  Over the years, we have developed many innovative solutions to enable us to get the best from your engine; ranging from camshaft design, cylinder head flowing and porting through to full dynamic balancing of the rotating assembly.

P&K Thornton are able to repair cracks to engine blocks and cylinder heads using the Lock-n-Stitch technique. This method of repair has proven invaluable in rescuing historically important parts, where originality is all important. The Lock-n-Stitch method can also be used to allow the internal repair of water jackets to be performed where the outer cylinder block has to be cut for access.  

Whether you want a full-on race engine or a mild refresh of your street motor, P&K Thornton are more than able to accommodate your needs.
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